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Dedicated servers are a perfect solution for popular sites, a large company, an online mall, or reseller/presence providers. Hosting services on a shared server are sometimes not enough to allow you the kind of control, configuration, power, and accessibility that you require. When such is the case, you need to consider a dedicated server solution.The new, ultradense, rack-optimized IBM x300 delivers a cost- saving, dedicated solution to areas that previously under-utilized resources. Built into one of the most efficient designs on the market, can be used as web server, e-business solution, corporate Intranet, DNS, reseller virtual hosting, live-streaming broadcast machine or anything that requires greater reliability, speed and a higher level of security.

Common Features :

  1. Choice of Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® III processors
  2. Standard two available PCI slots
  3. Expandability choices and the capability to increase I/O bandwidth for performance and 
  4. Support for two fixed IDE or SCSI hard disk drives
  5. Integrated dual 10/100 Ethernet

Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated Servers take advantage of industry standards for web hosting. So no matter what platform you prefer, these options will allow your business to take full advantage of the World Wide Web.

Windows Dedicated Server

These dedicated hosting packages provide a single computer dedicated to your needs. A dedicated server gives you increased speed, flexibility, control, site traffic and room to grow.

Virtual Private Server

The Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS/VDS) is a mix between a shared and a dedicated hosting solution. It combines the best features of both. The Simplicity and the Affordability of a shared hosting account and the Power, the Flexibility and the Stability of a dedicated server.The Virtual Dedicated Servers are ideal for growing web sites, especially ones that have outgrown the limits of a shared hosting account. Simply said, a Virtual Dedicated Server is the next step up for the vast majority of web sites on the Internet.

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