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1-Hit search engine optimization, web site submission and web design is the first place people come when they have questions like "How can I get a better search engine placement", "How can I increase my search engine positioning" or "What does search engine friendly web design cost". We are a professional search engine optimization company, offering web site promotion services to get your site listed while getting more sales using search engines. Our advice on web design, search engine optimization and website submission along with the free optimizing tools will ensure your site is fully optimized to attract more direct traffic and sales. Web Site Audit

An analysis of factors on the website, that tend to either positively affect or adversely influence the search engine listing of the website. The objective of the audit is to enable us into identifying how your site can be optimised and where changes, if any, need to be made.The factors we consider are mentioned beneath:

Outside Factors (Factors that are visible to the eyes of a surfer)
  1. Splash Pages
  2. Link Structure
  3. JavaScript
  4. Site Map
  5. Design Aesthetics
  6. Design Consistency
  7. Load Speed
  8. Frames
  9. Multimedia
  10. Keywords in Content

Page Related Factors (Those that are seen by the search engine spiders in the html code of the site)

  1. Splash Pages
  2. Dynamic Content
  3. Alt Tags
  4. Title Tags
  5. Keyword Tags
  6. Description Tags
Search Engine Optimization Consultation

Based on the website audit, we will identify the factors on your site that need to be modified. We will consult with you to find ways and means of overcoming these obstacles and modifying the website therefore. Also, this stage leads to "keyword identification" by understanding your industry, target market and competitors.

The following would be a few issues we could address together in this phase:
  1. Advisable number and names of the domain(s) to be registered
  2. Monitoring Of Competitor
  3. Discussion on relevance of Advanced Internet Marketing Options
  4. Other techniques of website promotion
  5. Text Based Websites
  6. Mini Web Sites
Keyword Identification & Meta Tags Composition

Based on the competitor, industry and target market analysis, we identify relevant and specific keywords. This phase has become increasingly complex over time with some keywords…the more generic ones, mostly…being competed for by a large number of equally well-designed and optimised websites. Even in pay-per-click search engines, the more relevant, and less generic the keyword…also the least used, the more cost-effective and lucrative the entire exercise becomes.

Website Optimization

Based on the stages 1 (website audit) and 2 (Consultation) we do search engine optimization a website such that it be readily indexed by search engines and directories. Broadly, we take the following features into account:

  1. Text Content on the Site
  2. Website Design
  3. Link Architecture
  4. Meta Tags in the source of the site
  5. Static/ Dynamic Content

Submissions to Search Engines & Directories

(Top International, Country-specific and Website Related)
We submit your web site optimized with keyword Meta tags individually to the top search engines, directories, portals, vortals, business sites, regional and your website-specific websites. We will submit manually to the top twenty search engines to provide maximum effectiveness. Also, we conduct a detailed research on your industry as well as regional target market and manual submission of your site to the top 20 country-specific as well as industry-specific search engines and directories.

Link Popularity Building Advice & Consultation

Most search engines consider link popularity as a factor for high ranking of a site. A simple way to achieve link popularity is by submitting the link of the website to Business sites and Portals that would also help the client attract qualified leads. Thus, we help sites achieve link popularity quickly and effectively.

Paid Web Site Submission

Most search engines share their database of websites. A paid placement in Inktomi, say, would automatically enhance the placement in Excite, WebCrawler, MSN and related search engines. Another category of search engines, e.g. AltaVista offer two types of submissions: paid and free. Opting for a paid inclusion has a higher probability of better ranking. Search engine positioning takes a major leap if websites are submitted to Search Engines by paid submission programs. We undertake Paid Submissions for your site in AltaVista, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Fast, Hotbot, Inktomi, Iwon, Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, ODP, Teoma, WebCrawler and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click Bidding for Key Words/Search Phrases

Pay Per Click search engines guarantee top listings for selected keywords. These keywords or search phrases are the ones relevant to the client's business and are bid upon by the client and his competitors. The highest cost of pay-per-click for a key phrase gets the top-most placement and consequently the greatest and most targeted traffic. We offer a Paid Pay Per Click Search Engine Keyword Management Servcies to increase the Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization Reporting

We understand the client's need to be periodically informed of the status of the site's position on the search engines. Every month( IF ONE YEAR CONTRACT, IF ONLY ONCE TIME SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, THEN ONLY ONE TIME AT THE END OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - SEO), therefore, we generate a report that reflects the current search engine ranking of the site. Based on the report, if need be, that is if the website has slid down in position, the site is re-submitted or even re-optimized if required. This process is repeated month after month through out the year.

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